All the Summer Pieces to Buy from H&M Right Now

So I know I’ve been saying that summer is cancelled for the last few weeks due to the pandemic, but I may have had a change of heart. This change happening after a scroll through H&Ms latest collection. To be honest, I haven’t seen much that struck my fancy there for a few years now. That was disappointing, as it used to be one of my go to places to shop. Well they have really changed the game the last few months. A leisurely stroll online turned into an add to cart multiple times, kind of day. The patterns are so striking and they have really created some swoon worthy silhouettes sure to get you tons of compliments. Not to worry, you know I’ve rounded up my favorite picks from the fast fashion retailer so you can finish out summer with style.


Pants and Shorts:


I think what I am most impressed with this season was the return to distinctive patterns and colors. I remember several styles purchased over the years that I still own to this day. This dress I’m wearing is sure to be one of the beloved patterns, it’s already started to make its way on the feeds of some top fashion influencers. This vibrant minimal floral makes it a no brainer for summer.

Besides this smocked delight, there are so many other showstopping dresses, tops, blazers, etc. for summer. As I’ve mentioned, the silhouettes and color palettes are just delicious with an array of neutrals and sorbet colors like peach, lavender and raspberry. And thanks to their Conscious collection, you get style with sustainable fabric, not to mention reasonable prices. If you are looking for a place to start, I always head to the Conscious tab and to trending items first. This is where the gems are usually hiding. Check out some must haves below.




You know your girl always has to take a stroll through accessories and shoes. Although I usually purchase my shoes from my tried and true sites (check out this blog post to find out where), I still took a gander. Again I was pleasantly surprised as they stocked many on trend silhouettes and items like the mule, and fun straw bags and hats. My favorite is the tie chin straw hat, so chic for a brunch or picnic.


Bags and Belts:



So if H&M wasn’t on your radar lately, go check them out. I was especially fond of their dress selection, but that’s one of my weaknesses. Whatever you fancy, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find several modern styles that are easy to wear. The best part is that they are still super affordable. Besides some collection items, most basic pieces range between $10-$30. Go shop my faves above and let me know what you’ve added to your summer wardrobe. I’ve fallen back in love with H&M and I think you will too.



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