Designer Must Haves: The Best Items to Invest In

I have never been what some call a “label whore”but I do own a few designer pieces here and there. I have been blessed to work in some luxury retailers and always had a great eye for awesome pieces. How many times have you’ve been browsing online and spotted something you just cant live without; only to click on it and be stunned by the hefty price tag. Now most of these styles I can say are definitely worth the price when you factor in designer name, textiles used and craftsmanship, however not all of us are lucky to purchase all of the pieces that we desire. I’m here to help. I am going to outline the designer pieces worth buying that you definitely won’t regret purchasing.


So many of you who know or follow me probably notice that I am always sharing. So when buying luxury items, I believe in two items to purchase; bags and shoes. Now although I am still building my handbag collection, I still believe having at least one designer handbag in your collection is a must. Why you ask? Here are my top reasons

  1. They Have Great Resale Value
    1. When it comes to designer items bags and shoes have the highest resale value. Granted the value is based on condition, but if you properly care for your items you should have no problem getting top dollar. There are so many resell sites out today like Rebagg, The Real Real ( with nearly 9 million users) and Fashionphile where you can buy or resell your bags.
  2. You can still wear them even if you gain or lose weight
    1. I am not a fan of buying designer closing for this reason. We go through so many changes in life whether it be childbirth, stress, getting older that affect our weight. I can’t fathom spending $1000 on a piece that I love but now can’t wear because I’ve gained weight. Owning a bag means you never have this issue. You’ll never have to worry about pulling your favorite bag out of the closet and it doesn’t fit.
  3. There are several classic styles that won’t go out of style for years to come which = great cost per wear
    1. Buying a designer bag is an investment; but if you purchase a good classic style you can wear it for years to come or pass down.

Now in my opinion you should invest in a bag thats LEATHER. There are lots of different types which make for great bags including pebbled grain or smooth calfskin. I would just be wary of lambskin as it is very delicate. This shouldnt be your everyday bag, especially if your are rough on your items. Leather to me also makes it worth the pricetag. A lot of designers like Louis Vuitton, and Gucci charge top dollar for coated canvas, which is NOT leather. Now these styles are still great but just be aware that they will not wear like leather. They may fray and cannot be cleaned as easily, so you need to be careful with it. Personally, I would much rather buy a leather bag for $1200 than pay the same for fabric.

But remember, that people love these logos so you will always be able to resell them for years to come. Logo bags have also made a big comeback in the last few years. Take the Louis Vuitton Neverfull or Speedy( both classic styles) or Fendi baguette.

Color: If you are just starting out I would say opt for a neutral color like black, brown or nude. Other colors like pale pink or gray can also be considered a neutral. The only reasons to invest in a crazy color or pattern is if you already have a vast collection, you find a great deal or you absolutely LOVE it. If you love it then you will wear it every chance you get regardless of if it compliments your outfit or not.

Old Classics

Chanel– Classic 2.55 or flap

Probably the most classic and desired bag ever besides a Birkin. Created in 1955 but still going strong decades late. Its created every year and always recognizable and desired. I also love the flap and if you want a more modern, the boy bag is a great option!

Dior – Lady Dior, saddle

This style for me is so lady like and classic. the shape never changes so you can buy one and be good for a while. Also helped by Princess Diana helping it reach classic status. I prefer the Mini Lady Dior for a more versatile styling option but an average size is the lady medium.

Givenchy– Antigiona

This shape is unique yet classic. Now this one i would buy in a fun color. Its not as popular these days with the rise of newer designers, but is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Louis Vuitton: Neverfull, Speedy 30 , Pochette Metis, Pochette, Toilette 26

All of these styles are purchased all the time and are always in high demand, sometimes you can resell for double or more because they are always waitlisted

Bottega Venetta– pouch and cassette bag,

Although not a new brand Bottega’s newly released styles has quickly become the fashion girls and nearly everyones most coveted and sought after style. They have really changed the game for leather ware and shoes alike. Although trendy, you still may get a few seasons of wear to come.

Cult Gaia: Mini Astraea, Pearl bag

This is one of my favorite newer brands. i love the modern, minimalistc architectural shapes, but they are not boring by any means. Made famous by the Ark bag replicated by many. however, I think their more underrated styles are more desirable.

BOYY: Bobby Tote, Wonton

Also a fairly newer style. The color combinations and the shape is classic enough to last for a while.


Okay so on to the shoe; which is my other top designer piece to invest in. I think shoes are a great investment because you want a good quality shoe on protecting your foot. Most designers use great leather and are assembled by the finest artisans in places like France and Italy ( the shoe heaven). Designer shoes can also have a great resale value as long as you take great care of them, but honestly I’ve seen some pretty beat up ones sell on sites like ebay and poshmark. Its also pretty rare for shoes to go out of style, unless they were just the super popular silhouette of the season. For instance, I would never invest in the Bottega Venetta Padded mule or Fishnet chain sandal . Although I like them, everyone and their mom has replicated them so they will go out of style rather quickly. The dupe does just fine for me. I did invest in the Dior slingbacks because this is a classic style. I decided on the white over the black, however,both colors are great. See below.

I really don’t think there’s much room for error when buying designer shoes;at least as far as design and colors. I have shoes from 10 years ago that I can still wear today and look modern and relevant. The most important thing to consider is shape and heel height. For example, platforms were a short lived style, but are slowly coming back. Round toes are okay; I personally thinking going with a pointed is better. Square shape, super popular right now but how long will that last?

As far as overall design I love Sophia Webster, Charlotte Olypmia and Jacquemus (Their styles are amazing this year) and Christian Louboutin. However, I havent purchased Christian Louboutin lately because I find them so uncomfortable. As far as comfort, Prada and Manolo Blahnik are great. For design and comfort, Guiseppe Zanotti, and Gucci are great. Be sure to check out my post here on where to score the best deals on designer shoes. So here are some of my top styles below to invest in.


This is a great item to invest in a designer style. Think how often you change out your belt. Most people; men and women; only have a few belts they wear all the time. Who wants to switch out a belt with every outfit. You will always have a few trendy belts for specific outfits, but these are ones you can find at fast fashion retailers. But as far as an everyday option, I do recommend a high quality leather belt. This will last you for a good while and is a good investment as it leaves room for you to gain or lose a little weight.

I personally invested in the Gucci logo belt in black. I don’t really gravitate towards brown or more neutral colors, so the black was the right color choice for me. I also am a gold hardware girl and love the somewhat burnished coloring of the double g closure. The pearl is on my wishlist also, just for a fun element to jazz up an outfit. If you are not a Gucci girl, I also love the Hermes Mini Constance and the Valentino logo belts.


So I already mentioned above that I don’t like to invest much in designer clothing. I did in earlier years and found it depressing when I could no longer wear. Clothing doesn’t have the same retail value as bags and shoes. also think about sites like Rent the Runway which have pretty much granted people their luxury wishes to rent at a fraction of the cost, as well as buy. There are so may sites now that offer discounted clothing that I think its becoming less desirable. Now this doesn’t mean not to invest at all. There is always a need for styles that are great fabrics and tailored well that will remain staples in your wardrobe. Invest in good trousers in neutral colors, blazers and coats. These will last you the longest, especially if you choose a good fabric like wool or silk.

I hope this post will help you in your decision making when you’re in the market for a designer piece. There are so many great designer styles out there and for the investment, its important to know where to spend our dollars. These are simply my opinion on which pieces to buy, but wouldlove to hear your suggestions on must haves. Drop a comment below.

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