Although some consider me the color queen, lately I’ve taken a little break from my reign on the throne. I’ve been really into neutral colors, specifically black, white and nude(tan). These three colors, or the color trinity as I call it, are a sure proof way to look put together, polished and always chic. They can each pair with other colors relatively but the best idea; they can be paired together. The combo of these three staple colors together is a pure vibe; giving off a clean, minimal yet sophisticated and glamorous vibe. Here are a few tips on what to consider when shopping for styles in these colors.

Fabric is Key

Because the colors are so simple, you want to make sure that you select rich fabrics. Blacks can sometimes come off as dull, so you want to invest in fabrics that will look rich and lend an expensive look. Fabrics including silk, wool, cashmere, suede and organza are all great choices. If you want to select a fabric like cotton, for example, a cotton tee; make sure it has some spandex to it and purchase one that is not too cheap. Cotton tends to have a more casual feel so you always want to make sure you spend a little more for a good quality.

Day to Evening Appropriate

This color combo is bomb because it is so versatile. It can easily work for a daytime casual chic outfit or an evening out. Below I combined the trio for an upscale minimal day look. I chose a fitted body suit paired with a tan suede legging and white silk blazer. This shows how easily you can rock in the daytime. Now transition to evening; as shown above I have a tan silk palazzo pant paired with a black blouson bodysuit and the same white silk blazer.

Must Have Pieces

So pretty much a variety of styles work in these three colors, but here are my must haves for each.


Chic Blazer– I prefer a tailored fit over a boyfriend fit in this color. Styles like a tuxedo or sharp architectural shape are great options. This piece also will be on repeat so make sure to invest in a great fabric and a style that will look best with multiple outfits.

Leather pant– A black leather pant is always in style. Other colors like camel are great, but black leather just has a certain sophistication. It can be dressed down with a tee shirt or dressed up with a silk blouse or blazer for an evening affair.

Pump and/or Ankle Strap– These two styles are staple shoes for every woman’s wardrobe. They really are styles that look great with just about anything. Just make sure you get one thats not too cheap. This will last you for years to come and is so versatile with your wardrobe, so it may be beneficial to splurge a bit. Leather or a chic patent leather will work.


Suit: For me the white is the epitome of sophisticated and chic. For me there’s nothing that compares to a nicely tailored chic white suit. I mean it just has such an impact, more than any other color in a suit. I prefer a longer tailored blazer fit which lends a more modern feel, paired with a bootcut or semi-flare leg. Make sure the fit is perfect to keep from looking cheap. This includes making sure its hemmed to the appropriate height; we don’t want a white pant dragging leaving a black hemline. There’s nothing chic about that. Fit also includes, making sure the pant is not too form fitting. White tends to show more imperfections and undergarments so airing on the side of a bit looser fit is always the way to go.

White Pump and Knee Boot– Every woman should have at least one if not both of these styles. A white pump or boot match nearly everything and can bring a different level of chic to an outfit. Replace your normal black with a one of these styles for an instant style update.


Chic Coat: Tan has so many shades including nude and camel and beige. The great thing is that any of these shades look so elegant and modern in a coat. You really cant go wrong with the silhouette in this shade, but I prefer a style that is belted. This is definitely a must have for your wardrobe.

Nude Bag: Black and white are also great choices for a bag, but there’s something about a nude thats just right for every outfit. Black can sometimes be a little harsh and white seasonal at times. Nude is a year round color and compliments most colors so well. I prefer leather for the textile of the bag which has a more luxurious feel.

Cashmere Sweater: Cashmere looks superb in an array of colors but especially great in a rich camel or nude color. It’s soft and lofty appearance is extra inviting in a tan shade. It looks great paired with cream or gray for an unexpected combination. Cashmere is not just common for sweaters; try a matching legging or sweatpant for a chic casual look.

Now that you have a few guidelines, check off which pieces you have and what styles need to be on your next shopping list. Black white and nude, are neutrals that will not only add a base foundation to your wardrobe, but the answer when in doubt of what to pair together. Sometimes deviation from the color train to ride the neutral wave is an adventure worth taking.



  1. Sterling
    November 19, 2019 / 10:43 am

    You look amazing in all the colors

    • angela1983
      November 26, 2019 / 11:05 pm

      Thank you Sterlng. Glad you like it


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