I know all of my fashion and movie obsessed remember the line made famous by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Her oh so sophisticated read of her fashion team as she repeatedly dismissed their suggestions, included the line “Florals for Spring;groundbreaking.” Well florals for spring are pretty predictable, but this season many designers have made it the new groundbreaking pattern for fall. Instead of the light airy florals we are used to seeing frequently through spring and summer, this fall has brought forth a shift to dark and moody. It was seen sprouting up on the runways of some of our favorite designers from Prada to Alexander McQueen. Heres why this trend is in full bloom for me this season.

Photos above courtesy of Getty Images via Harpersbazaar

Florals Are Neutral:

Some people shy away from florals, but I think its the perfect neutral. Most florals have one if not more than one neutral color amongst the colors in the floral pattern. Amongst the array of colors there’s always a nude, white, black,etc. that serves as the base. This makes it super easy to match up when styling. You can usually pull out one of the colors in the pattern for a perfect shoe or bag match. If thats not your forte, pair with a neutral and you always win. A nude or metallic heel or bag always works.

Florals are Fun to Mix

For my fashionistas out there who love to play with pattern mixing, florals are perfect. Most people tend to associate florals with the prim and proper or a woman who is ultra girly. Mixing florals with other patterns gives it more versatility and crushes this cliche idea. Anyone can wear florals from the ultra feminine to super edgy. One of my favorite mixes is floral and stripes; an easy go to. This idea is not just limited in your clothing. Here I mixed a striped patent bag with my floral dress. I simply used the plum color in my dress and bag as the common denominator. If you stick to the rule of mimicking one color palette specific to both of your patterns, you’re good to go. Florals and fatigue is another fun and fresh idea I’ve been loving. Let me know what other patterns you would mix florals with in the comments below.

Florals Have Allowed us to Turn Over A New leaf

Fall is usually associated with the same muted, neutral colors, fur vest and boots. When you scour the racks of department stores or the feeds of your favorite bloggers, you can pretty much predict the colors and styles you will see. Dainty florals never really seemed to have a place in the autumn season year after year. I love that a pattern usually a go to for a spring wedding or garden party has become the perfect harvest attire. They’re great because if you have a floral in a silky fabric, its easy to transition it into fall with a chunky sweater, tights or a boot. On the opposite end, we also see it in heavier fabrics like shantung and even as a pattern in puffer coats. This gives all of us so many options to incorporate into our wardrobes.

So I’ve definitely stopped to smell the roses this season. I think florals may just be a new fall staple. I’m sure with all of the options out right now, you will find some fashionable floral finds to make a statement this fall.



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