Fall is in full effect and I’m ecstatic for it. I’m falling (pun intended) head over heels for cozy knits, chic overcoats and sharp boots. The rich tones of autumn are gracing the crisp air; including my favorites of chocolate brown, camel and nude. If you’re not excited like I am, maybe my essentials checklist will help. With a little preparation and my help, you’ll be ready with just a few add to carts. Keep reading to see if you have any of my suggested Fall must haves and what you’re excited to wear this season.


This is my favorite style of hat and a must have this season. Accessories often get overlooked and this one is perfect. It adds a chic finished appearance to any look, not to mention covers up a bad hair day. I love a good fedora so much I dedicated a entire blog post to it. (Read here). Check out some affordable options below.

Chocolate Brown

Now Fall is full of beautiful and rich tones, but I am all about the chocolate brows right now. It’s funny as this was never my favorite color, but I can’t get enough of this color right now. Try this tone in sweater dresses, a coat or a chic pair of boots.

Statement/ Oversized Belt

As I’ve mentioned before, accessories are often overlooked, but with a statement belt you will definitely be seen. Put away those belts you only use to hold up your pants. Belts this season are all about being obnoxious and bringing the drama. And the best part is there’s no need for it to serve its’ actual function; they are just here for show. This means you can really go for it. I’m loving oversized belts over a blazer, paired with a skirt or to snazz up a dress.


I know you have probably heard or seen this style before. If you haven’t, you certainly will as it’s plastered all over Instagram. P.S.(I have a blog post coming next week). This is a great transitional piece. It provides the warmth you need while giving a bit more chic appeal than a regular jacket. The key is for this to be oversized. Most are of midi length but there are some great waist length versions. Check out this one I purchased from Target here.

Combat Boots

The combat boot is definitely an essential this fall. Prada made it popular last year but it definitely has not worn out its welcome this year. There are various lengths and colors that have given a fresh approach on the trend. I’ve seen fun colors like powder blue and baby pink for a fun twist. Try a ankle or mid calf height; and I love the platform versions.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is definitely on trend this season. Another style that just reads Fall. Opt for richer colors like cognac, camel, olive or cream. Black is always a great choice, but can be a little predictable. Try styles like trousers, pencil skirts or a great trench coat. Check out some of my style picks here.

Oversized Blazer

A blazer is definitely a staple all year round, but right now bigger is better. The oversized trend continues with the blazer. Although it may seem unpolished, this look can be so chic. All you have to consider is proportions. Because the blazer is roomy, pair with something shorter and/or fitted to balance out the look.

Animal Print

If you know me than you know I live for a good animal print. And this Fall is no different. Time to pull out all of your leopard, snakeskin,zebra, and my new favorite; cow print. Opt for more surprising styles in this print like a coat or fun boot or handbag!

Trench Coat

One of my favorite essentials this season. I know it’s usually a style that recycles every Fall, but I’m loving the unique spin I have seen many retailers do. You can never go wrong with a classic tan trench, but if you already own one or want to be more fun, opt for a statement trench.

White Boot

Such a must for this season. There’s just something about a white boot that reads so chic. You can pair it with the simplest look and it totally makes a statement. There are lots of styles out but I think the knee boot is the way to go.

I hope these items have gotten you excited that Fall is here. I’ve done the dirty work for you so now all you need to do is start checking items of your list. Which of these essentials are you excited to add to your Fall wardrobe, let me know below.

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  1. kawana Smith Coy
    October 16, 2020 / 10:21 am

    Love the Fedora… .Stylish and practical.
    I often wonder if wearing faux leather is appropriate for work ??

    • angela1983
      October 16, 2020 / 9:29 pm

      Thanks for reading. I definitely think faux leather can be work appropriate.


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