It’s been a minute since I’ve written a post, but I didn’t plan to stay away too long. I have been situating myself getting accustomed to a new job that has taken a lot of my energy. Although I haven’t had much time write, your girl can always find time to shop; lol. Over the past few months, I have been loving corset tops. They have become somewhat of a mini trend but, in my opinion, can easily translate to a classic staple in your wardrobe.

Corsets have long been viewed as an undergarment and something not always seen as acceptable wear for outside. It also can be restricting and associated with 80s circa Madonna. However over the past few years I have seen this underutilized fashion garment become more and more popular. I, for one, feel it can be worn so many ways and label it an item everyone definitely needs one of in their wardrobe. Keep reading to see why you need one and how to style it.

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Choose a Unique Style

With pieces like a corset, I always feel it is best to go with something super fun. Because it can resemble undergarments, you want to be cognizant not to select a style that resembles just that. Be careful when choosing colors like black or white and make sure you can tell that its a top and not your mothers brassiere or what Queen Elizabeth may have worn under a period piece. Choosing something super fun, in a unique color, or architectural shape, creates interest. I went for a more architectural feel, but feathers and crystals are also a fun twist.

Dress it Down

I always love a good juxtaposition. A good way to style a corset is by dressing down the dressy aspect of it. I’ve pared mine here with a baggy pair of jeans. Pairing a corset with a baggy denim, cargo pant or another casual bottom, I believe elevates it to a new level. Of course you can dress it up, but something more casual is more unexpected and sure to get you loads of compliments.

Dress it Up

A corset can be the perfect going out piece paired with the right style. This is another reason why you need a corset; because of the versatility. I’ve paired my corset with jeans to dress it down, however, I also paired it with a pair of satin shorts. Styling it with these chic white shorts in a dressier fabric makes it perfect for a night out or a dressier occasion with the right accessories. If you’re not a shorts person, try adding a structured blazer overtop to add polish and sophistication for a dressed up look. When the weather starts to cool down, style your corset over a button down shirt or a sleek fitted turtleneck with a flare trouser for a chic evening look!

These are just a few ways to style a corset, but whichever way you choose; make sure you have one. There are so many great styles out right now at varying price points; so there’s literally something for everyone. Check out some of my favorite picks above and let me know in the comments how you plan to rock yours this summer!

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