Pretty in Pink; How to Style Summer’s Hottest Color

Pretty in pink is not just a 80s film made popular by Molly Ringwald, but has been coined a familiar phrase over the years. There’s something about the color pink, no matter the shade, that just makes one feel oh so pretty. Whether powder pink, to raspberry to fuchsia, any shade is pure pink perfection. And if you ask me, pink is a must have in any girls wardrobe. I know there are some ladies out there who don’t love the color, but for those of us that do, I’m rounding up some of my fave summer items my favorite color.

Although this hue is normally associated with an ultra girly, ultra feminine aesthetic, I do believe it also holds a certain elegance ad sophistication. A nice pink polished suit can give a fun yet I mean business vibe. A tailored blazer adds sophistication to a look, but also adds just a touch of femininity. I believe that you can’t go wrong with any article of clothing in pink. it just works.

Tops and Bottoms

Pair with Neutrals

If you don’t want to give a monochrome look like me, and rock the hue from head to toe, pair it with neutrals. Colors like nude, black and white always go with the color and leaves you with nothing to think about. It’s a great way to wear the color without feeling like the Pink Panther. In the case of rocking pink I think you either go one way or the other. If you’re feeling bold; choose varying shades from head to toe. And if you’re more settle, try a softer shade with one of the neutrals mentioned above for a chic vibe.



Edge it up

For my ladies who don’t consider themselves the girly girl, this doesn’t mean you can rock pink. The key is to edge it up. Because the color is already seen as ultra girly, try adding a masculine vibe in your clothing pairings. The juxtaposition of the girl meets edge shows that you know how to take it up a notch and leaves an unexpected pairing. For example try…

A tailored pink blazer with a cargo pant.

A pink babydoll dress with motorcycle boots

A pink a line skirt paired with a graphic tee

These are just a few examples, but you get the drift. Pink can be versatile and something everyone can wear.

Bags and Accessories:

I hope I have given you a few ideas and you are now in love with my favorite color. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items in the color pink for you to practice some of these tips.


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