How To Wear One Of Fall/Winter’s Biggest Trends: Vinyl

I’m always about the extra. Whether it’s over the top jewels, feathers, sequin or all of the above that bring the drama; I’m here for it. And if you’ve noticed, these past few seasons most trends literally have been doing the most; in a good way. We’ve seen metallics trending, lame, feathers and even sheer. But one of my faves has to be vinyl. It has quickly trended across runways and trickled down into streetwear to become more of an everyday wear.

Vinyl, also known as patent or liquid effect, has been huge this season. I for one, absolutely love it. The high shine effect adds just the right amount of drama to any look. There are also so many options when it comes to rocking this trend. You can select a pair of boots, pencil skirt, leggings, or even a great coat. Whichever style or styles you choose to rock, here are a few easy styling tips.


We all know this acronym.; keep it simple stupid. Well this couldn’t ring more true in this instance. Because the shine is so captivating in a vinyl piece, that should be the only statement. When wearing vinyl, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit super simple; it will keep the attention on your look as a whole. There shouldn’t be anything competing with each other. A simple turtleneck, t shirt or dress paired with your patent piece keeps the look elevated and chic.

Play with textures

Just because you want to keep your look simple, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Bring interest to your look by pairing it with different textures. Think chunky knits, sheer pieces,etc. An all black vinyl look is definitely too much, unless you’re auditioning for the Matrix. But a black vinyl pant with a sheer turtleneck with a wool overcoat, is the perfect balance. The variance in textures of fabrics is what brings the interest and creates balance.


Stick to Neutrals

Now this is one of the rare occurrences you’ll hear me promote neutrals over colors. The high shine of vinyl is definitely a stop and look at me factor. For that reason, this effect paired with color can sometimes appear less polished and sometimes cheap. Now this is not an absolute. There are some designers and pieces in color done very well, but you have to have a great eye when selecting these pieces. When in doubt, sticking to black, browns and darker colors like eggplant or olive, makes it easy to style this trend.



Now that I’ve shared a few tips on how to style this trend, how likely are you to try it out? The vinyl/patent trend is something anyone can pull off. Pick one item as your base and remember to keep the other components of your outfit simple. You’ll end up with a simple, but not boring, elevated look.

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