Purple and Yellow; A Color Match Made in Heaven

When it comes to color combos, I’m kind of a pro. Not to toot my own horn, but taking up painting in my early years; ya girl knows her colors. I can mix and match colors with the best of them, and one of my favorite combinations has to be purple and yellow. It’s unexpected, fun yet sophisticated. It’s one you don’t see often, as I think it can be somewhat intimidating. However, if you want to step out the box and make a statement, then you must give this color combo a try.

Why does this color combo work you ask? Well if you’ve been following me for a while, or have a copy of my ebook The ABCs of Style, you know I’ve mentioned one of the major tools in picking color combos. If you guessed the color wheel; then you’re correct. I live by the color wheel. It’s the easiest way to pair colors together whether you are painting, picking coordinating colors for your bedroom or putting together an outfit.

One of the rules in pairing colors is using colors that are opposite on the color wheel. Any color directly across from the other on the color wheel, is considered complimentary. This means that it always pairs well together. This is why pink and green combos or even orange and blue combos always work. And yes; yellow and purple. Many people are afraid to try this combo because it is somewhat bold and less commonly seen than the others. However, I say go big or go home. If you wear this color combo I guarantee the compliments won’t stop rolling in.


Shoes and Boots

When wearing this combo, there really are no rules. I would only suggest to pair varying tones in each color to give a little dimension. I threw on a more lavender toned fedora just to break up the violet and marigold shades I paired together. The key is to play around with textures and tones; and don’t forget to have fun.

Bags and Accessories

Now that you have a little more background on this color combo, I hope it encourages you to try it out. I’ve helped you out a bit by sharing some of my favorite pieces in these two fabulous colors. This should make it a little easier to step out of the box a bit. Shop my pics and don’t forget to share pictures of the outfits you come up with. Comment below with your thoughts on this color combo and if you would try it out.



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