Three Ways to Rock your Trench Coat this Fall Season

Fall is upon us; which means it’s officially trench coat season. It’s one of the tried and true staples that will carry you through the Fall season. Now the trench is definitely not new to the fashion game; most would consider it a classic. But over the years, it has continued to evolve and is a piece that can elevate any look. Whether the classic khaki or a modern statement; you really can’t go wrong. Here are a few ways you can rock your trench coat.

Wear Open as A layering Piece

The trench is great because it is the perfect transitional piece every woman needs in her wardrobe. It also comes in varying lengths which is nice for different heights. Because it is usually made from a lighter material, it means that’s it’s not to heavy; which makes it perfect for layering. Try layering it over a chunky sleeveless sweater vest or over a sheer dress (like pictured below) for a cool girl vibe. You can also throw over it your favorite pencil skirt and blouse for a classic work look. One of my favorite ways is layered over a suit. The overall look just gives a feminine yet androgynous feel that is oh so chic. All of the tailored pieces together just works.

Swap out the Belt

One of the defining elements of a trench coat is the belt. Most trench coats come with a belt to tie your jacket, and usually are made from the same fabric. To spice things up, I love a switch out of the belt to add some dimension and variation. It’s unexpected and adds versatility to your trench coat. Try a belt in a contrasting color or a dramatic belt to take it up a notch. Wide leather belts are always a great option!

Classic/Neutral Trenchcoats

Statement Trench Coats

Wear as a Dress

I know, I know we’re talking about a coat here; but what good is fashion if you can’t have fun and think outside the box. To be honest we’ve already seen this many times. Think about those 80s and 90s movies when the woman wanted to be a little risqué and tease her mate by showing up wearing a trench coat with nothing else underneath. Think Robin Givens in Boomerang; classic scene! Well just the same, think about wearing your trench coat as a dress. It’s the perfect way to get more bang for your buck, and to get more versatility from your jacket. My only advice would definitely be to make sure it’s cinched/belted. Because the fabric is meant for outerwear, the fabric is usually stiffer and can appear boxy. You definitely want to make sure you give it some definition and carve out your waist. This is also Rihanna’s favorite way to wear a trench; and who doesn’t want to mimic the fabulous style of Bad gal RiRi.

I hope these tips have inspired you to jump on the trench coat train; if you haven’t already. It’s a classic staple that will take you through countless seasons to come. Let me know if you would try any of these ways to wear your trench in the comments below.


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